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Bed and Breakfast & apartments in Völs

The holiday resort of Völs at the Schlern is situated in close proximity to the Seiser Alm. Golf, snow-shoe hikes, walks - what do you want to, you just need to start it. White dolomite rock stands out from the dark green of the woods, shiny brown chestnuts look from their covers and the clear water of the Völser Weiher sparkles blue in the sunlight. The variety of the colours here encounters a culinary variety. So you can enjoy Völs with all your senses.

On holiday in Völs am Schlern - South Tyrol

Anna Maria Angerer Haselrieder "Haus Albert Haselrieder"

St.-Anton-Str. 3, 39050 Völs am Schlern
Phone.: 0471 725181, Fax: 0471 725657

Homepage: www.haselrieder.info
email: info@haselrieder.info

Christiane Brigl "Haus Wundereck"

St. Konstantin 5, 39050 Völs am Schlern
Phone.: 0471 704187 / 348 4106210, Fax: 0471 977275

Homepage: www.wundereck.com
email: info@wundereck.com

Helmut Kritzinger "Haus Santner"

Schlernstr. 20, 39050 Völs am Schlern
Phone.: 0471 726020

Homepage: www.arcalpin.it/santner
email: santner@arcalpin.it

Elisabeth Lantschner

Stegerweg 1, 39050 Völs am Schlern
Phone.: 0471 725212

Homepage: www.appartements-vikoler.it
email: appartements.vikoler@rolmail.net

Hofer Notburga "Haus Psenner"

Bachtröglweg 35, 39050 Völs am Schlern
Phone.: 0471 725295

Homepage: www.hauspsenner.blogspot.it
email: haus.psenner@gmail.com

Konrad Pigneter "Gästehaus Pigneter"

St. Konstantin 53, 39050 Völs am Schlern
Phone.: 0471 706599, Fax: 0471 706599

Homepage: www.pigneter.com
email: info@pigneter.com

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