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Holidays in Welschnofen

Sources from the Latemar supply the Karersee which is part of numerous dolomite legends. The municipal area extends to the mountains of the rose garden, to the Latemar and also to the Costalunga pass. As one of the "Alpine pearls" Nova Levante offers a wide range of car-free holiday. In addition to the opportunities for hiking, walking, mountain and also rock climbing which are given by the nature there are the Alpinecenter Rosengarten, the golf course Lake Carezza and the riding center Angerel which provides special holiday pleasure.

On holiday in Welschnofen - South Tyrol

Christine Federer "Haus Christian"

Karerseestr. 99, 39056 Welschnofen
Phone.: 0471 613033, Fax: 0471 614452

Homepage: www.hauschristian.it
email: info@hauschristian.it

Martin Mahlknecht "Appartements Mahlknecht"

Wirtsweg 3, 39056 Welschnofen
Phone.: 0471 613036, Fax: 0471 613036

Homepage: www.appartments-mahlknecht.com
email: mir.mahlknecht@rolmail.net

Otmar Neulichedl "Haus Martin"

Karerseestr. 2B, 39056 Welschnofen
Phone.: 0471 613206, Fax: 0471 614808

Homepage: www.apartments-martin.com
email: info@neulichedl.it

Maria Pardeller "Haus Claudia"

Hagnerweg 8, 39056 Welschnofen
Phone.: 0471 613058, Fax: 0471 613058

Homepage: www.hausclaudia.com
email: info@hausclaudia.com

Helga Pardeller Zucchelli "Haus Pardeller"

Romstr. 14, 39056 Welschnofen
Phone.: 0471 613266, Fax: 0471 613266

Homepage: www.haushelga.com
email: info@haushelga.com

Ilse Stofner Jaiter "Haus Girgenoy"

Elisabethweg 3, 39056 Welschnofen
Phone.: 0471 612288, Fax: 0471 612326

Homepage: www.girgenoy.com
email: info@girgenoy.com

Giovanni Tschager "Apartment Sole Sonne"

Karerseestr. 65, 39056 Welschnofen
Phone.: 0471 613163

Homepage: www.sole-sonne.it
email: info@sole-sonne.it

Margareth Wenter "Gästehaus Kafmann"

Romstraße 12, 39050 Welschnofen
Phone.: 0471 613210

Homepage: www.kafmann-dolomiti.eu
email: kafmann@gmx.net

Helene Wiedenhofer Obkircher "Haus Angelika"

Mühlweg 2, 39056 Welschnofen
Phone.: 0471 613190, Fax: 0471 613190

Homepage: www.hausangelika.com
email: info@hausangelika.com

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